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Don't Touch The Elk


Binneas Chamber Choir

A group of friends who love singing together Binneas Chamber Choir has twice been awarded 'Best Overall Choir' at Church Music International in Limerick. 'Everfree' contains many classics.


Track Listing:

1. Je ne fus j'amais si aise

Clement Jannequin ( 1480 - 1560)

This early French song evokes the power of music and dance to delight and revive the human spirit of listener and singer alike, and with this in mind we begin..

2. Now O Lord, I Lay Me Down

Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695)

From its seemingly dark beginnings this powerful anthem rises to reinforce the sustaining power of spirituality.

3. Hark! All Ye Lovely Saints Above

Thomas Weelkes (1575 - 1623)

Jovial and bright, this madrigal is a typical example of the 'ballet' style with its classical allusions and 'fa, la, la' refrain.

4. Thou Knowest, Lord the secrets of our Hearts

Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695)

This anthem, composed for the funeral of Queen Mary II in Westminister Abbey, was performed at Purcell's own funeral at the Abbey on November 26th 1695. This dramatic piece, so beautifully crafted for the voice, captures the very essence of the words taken from The Book of Common Prayer, 1662.

5. Take Here My Heart

Thomas Weelkes (1575 - 1623)

This beautiful tender madrigal is an expression of true and constant love. At the first hint of inconstancy the meter breaks down only to return to safety with the words, 'my heart will never change'.

6. Ave Verum Corpus

William Byrd (1543 - 1623)

The strength of Byrd's setting lies in its intensity and prayfulness. The meditative quality of this motet, from its tentative beginning to the powerful 'O Jesu fili Mariae' illustrates the composer's devotion to the scriptures.

7. La La La, Je ne l'ose dire

Pierre Certon (b. 1572)

A light-hearted 'gossip' song which the members of Binneas, for some strange reason love to perform! The story tells of a man whose wife has been unfaithful, and in his anguish hangs himself. Through malice his wife follows suit to be reunited with him in the fires of hell! The moral of the story: Marriage whether made in heaven or hell - is for eternity!

8. O Vos Omnes

Jachet of Mantua (b. 1520)

'All of you who pass by on your way, stop and see if you have seen sorrow like mine'.(Lamentations. 1:12)

9. Jesu, The Very Thought of Thee

Richard Proulx (1937 - )

This modern setting of the ancient prayer of Bernard of Clairvaux (1091 - 1153) echoes of plainchant with its beautifully plaintive soprano opening. The exquisite word painting of the final lines of this prayer will immortalize this piece for all time. It has become one of our favourite songs

10. Everfree

Mary McAuliffe (1947 - )

This piece has a special significance for us as it was dedicated to us by its Irish composer, Mary McAuliffe. Scored for S.A.T.B. and solo soprano, it captures the very essence of the freedom of the wind and this is why we have chosen it for the title of our album.

11. The Lamb

John Tavener (1944 - )

The extraordinarily beautiful quality of this song lies in its innocence and tenderness. The text by William Blake is given renewed life and meaning through the exquisite closeness of the voices. It is a very emotive and powerful song to sing.

12. Dieu! Qu'il la fait bon regarder!

Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)

The first of 'Trois Chansons' by Debussy, this song is remarkable for its diversity of harmony and dynamics. The richness of the chords makes this a most delicious song to sing.

13. And So It Goes

Billy Joel
Arranged by Bob Chilcott King Singers

This Billy Joel song captures the vulnerability of love - that once you love, your fate lies in the hands of the beloved. Scored for S.A.T.B. and baritone solo, this is a great favourite with us.